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BOLOTOR.COM website launching June 25th, 2024!


Our Kickstarter Campaign for the revolutionary Bolo Pack is officially LIVE! Don't miss your chance to be among the first to own this innovative outdoor essential.

Purchase your Bolo Pack Now

Our Kickstarter Campaign will run until 5/1/24. Don't wait until it's too late – order today before they sell out!

Bolo Packs feature a fold and roll wearable tarp with a detachable cooler. 

From improvised shelter to refreshing pit stops, redefine convenience and innovation for camping, hiking, and all your on-the-go activities.


Revolutionary Bolo Pack

Patented Backpack-to-Tarp Transformation with Built-In Drainage, offering unmatched adaptability as a hammock, shelter, or mat, seamlessly integrating with Bolo Coolers for an all-in-one outdoor solution unlike any other.

Transform Your Adventure

Unique Backpack-to-Tarp Conversion with Multi-Use Functionality – Bolo Tarp's Patented Design Unfolds to an 8x8 Multipurpose Surface, Integrating Innovative Drainage and Compatibility with Bolo Coolers for UnparalleledOutdoor Versatility.

Experience the Outdoors Redefined with a Bolo Pack

A Patented Backpack thatTransforms into an 8x8 Multi-Functional Tarp, offering not just practicality but also a sense of freedom and preparedness for any adventure.

Embrace Adventure with Confidence

Bolo Pack’s Versatile, Transformative Design empowers you to effortlessly shift from a hiker to a happy camper, creating memorable outdoor experiences with ease.

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